Contribution to ‘Re-Illustrating Albers’ Journey’, 2020

We are questioning how literal a reference can get and the meaning of a Mexican reference within our Flemish context. We are imagining a sacrificial mountain of exposed grey cinder blocks, one of Belgium's favourite building materials, stacked using a Flemish bond, lying within the Flemish landscape.

Did we finally reach the limit of the reference?

Should we sacrifice its ever more present use?

What's next? 

PUBLICATION: ‘Re-Illustrating Albers’ Journey’
CONTRIBUTORS: Multerer architekten (DE), La Macchina studio (IT), OMMX & Forms of Living (UK), Schneider Türtscher (CH), Veldwerk (BE), Norell / Rodhe (SE), Motoproprio (IT), Jean-Benoit Vetillard (FR), NOMA project (PE-MX), CENTRAL offau (BE), Francesco Marullo (IT)
YEAR: 2020

VELDWERK TEAM: Marius Grootveld, Jantje Engels, Karina Andree