100 Columns Books, Kingston School of Art, London, 2021 

Veldwerk was invited to contribute to publication series  ‘100 Columns’ for the Kingston School of Art.

This column, which cuts through four floors of a remodeled canal house in Amsterdam, was never designed. It sits in the middle of the plan and functions to support a series of hidden beams connecting the existing structure to the newly designed extension. A lost column in space not tied to any visible tectonic justification. It decided to take on a new role. To tell a story about the rooms it finds itself in. On the first floor along its base, a winding stair climbs up along three split levels of living space. Continuing on the two floors above, it takes on a more calming state standing formally in quiet sleeping rooms. Finally, in the attic, the column branches out to form a timber truss carrying the roof above bringing with it a causal sense of making. In a time where ad-hoc structure is easily placed, other stories can be told beyond in absence of a clear, tectonic narrative.

PUBLICATION: 100 Columns Book
PUBLISHER: Kingston School of Art
EDITORS: Camiel Van Noten and Matthew Phillips
YEAR: 2021

VELDWERK TEAM: Marius Grootveld, Margot De Caster